Shipping Policy

Mandatory steps for receiving a shipment from
Step 1: Check skid and loose piece count on Bill of Lading (BOL)/Delivery Receipt (DR) and match it to the actual number of skids and loose pieces on the pallet.
Step 2: Visually check pallet for damage. If the boxes appear to be damaged....
*****Take close up and wide-angle shots of the damage*****
Step 3: Check packing slip (located on shrink-wrap of pallet) against the actual items on the pallet. Item numbers are located on the outside of each box.
Step 4: Make appropriate notes on the BOL/DR. If something appears to be missing.......
Make a note on all copies of the BOL/DR that lists the items that are missing.
If there appears to be damage to the product or the boxes, make a note on all copies of the BOL/DR that says the following: “Box Damage/Product Damage"
Step 5: Sign Bill of Lading (BOL)/Delivery Receipt (DR). Keep one copy and save it for future reference if needed.
Step 6: Pictures of any damaged product and packaging are required. Send pictures to
Note: Customer has 7 days to report any concealed (Non-obvious) damage. Parts for concealed damages (replacement parts) cannot be provided at no charge if the cabinet has already been assembled. Parts must be requested at the time of inspection, not after the cabinet has been assembled. Concealed and Freight damage warranty claims must be reported within 7 business days of receiving the product. Only 1 replacement claim can be submitted for each order, so please have all of that information on the same request.
*Also see WARRANTY